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Nought Forever

Question 1 of 5

As she sat at her window thinking about Avalon, what did Eva notice?

A guy wearing a woollen hat was standing under a street lamp over the road.

A bloody handprint had been left on the wooden gate that led to her garden.

A crowd of McAuley's guys were chasing someone on mopeds and scooters.

A Nought boy "falling" out of the back of a van as it sped past her house.


Question 2 of 5

What did Eva do when Dan refused to let her clean his wounds?

She turned her back on him and started making herself a cup of coffee.

She threw her medical bag at him so he could clean himself up.

She secretly took a picture of him using her phone.

She went into the lounge, put the radio on and sat back by the window.


Question 3 of 5

When Dan regained consciousness, one thing Eva told him she'd done was ---.

destroyed the SIM card from the phone she had found in his pocket.

arranged for Mr Schubaker to make him a fake passport and travel documents

lied to police when they had come to the door to ask about him

spoken to his brother, Tom, who did not want to get involved and help him


Question 4 of 5

Something Eva told Dan the Noughts must do to gain power was to ---.

create their own economic base and have their own businesses

start grassroots campaigns to stand up for their rights

find a leader who would unite the gangs and the community

follow the rules of the Crosses while secretly undermining their society


Question 5 of 5

How did Eva hide Dan before the two "thugs" came into her house?

She helped him get into the storage space under her couch.

She dragged him down the stairs to the cellar on a duvet.

She pushed him out of the back door and told him to hide in the shed.

She disguised him in girl's clothes and put him in Avalon's bed.


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Nought Forever
by Malorie Blackman

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