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On the Trail of a T. rex

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When the friends arrived in the Cretaceous period, what did Jamie point out?

The bad smell was caused by the ginkgo trees dropping fruit.

The water in the river was very low and the floor very dry.

The berries on the bushes around them were all poisonous.

It was very quiet even though it was the middle of the day.


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What did Tess discover when she watched the T. rex through the binoculars?

A tooth was stuck in the T. rex's tail.

The T. rex was looking for something.

One of the T. rex's eyes was yellow, the other was blue.

The markings on the T. rex's back were unusual.


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What did Tess and Jamie do after the T. rex left and emerged from the trees?

They watched a Quetzalcoatlus soar overhead and disappear in the distance.

They returned to Ammonite Bay to look for more fossils in the sand,

They followed Wanna, who led them to a big herd of Wannanosaurus.

They decided to go to the Jurassic period next and find a Stegosaurus.


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On the Trail of a T. rex
by Rex Stone

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