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Planet Omar: Operation Kind

Question 1 of 5

Daniel wanted to cheer up his sister, who was in hospital, by ---.

getting a book signed for her by her favourite author

throwing a book-themed costume party for her and her friends

raising money for the hospital by doing a sponsored readathon

winning her a competition prize of a year's supply of books


Question 2 of 5

Why did the police pull Dad's car over on the group's way to the station?

They thought that it was registered to some else.

He had too many toys in the windscreen, blocking his view.

It was falling apart, the exhaust pipe dragging along the road.

They saw him using his phone to book the train tickets.


Question 3 of 5

On the train, which of these led to Omar becoming less afraid of dogs?

Steve wagged his tail when patted by Omar, showing that he liked him.

Ranjit played videos of Steve performing in a talent show, reassuring Omar.

Omar took Steve for a walk to stretch his legs in an empty train carriage.

She gave him her Angelina Kind book, asking him to get it signed for her.


Question 4 of 5

Which of these meant the boys had to wait before using the station toilets?

Dad had to go to a cash point and then a shop to get change for the toilets.

The toilets closed for ten minutes while a little boy's sick was cleared up.

Dad bumped into an old friend by the toilets who insisted they have coffee.

The station was evacuated when a rogue sheep from the track came inside.


Question 5 of 5

In the hospital, what was something Angelina Kind explained to the friends?

She had been moved by Maryam's social media posts of the Scotland trip.

Her agent had seen Daniel crying in the bookshop in Glasgow and felt bad.

She read in the local news article on Suzy's fundraiser that Suzy was a fan.

She planned to name two characters in her next book "Suzy" and "Daniel".


Book cover for Planet Omar: Operation Kind

Planet Omar: Operation Kind
by Zanib Mian

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