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What did Nova do after she rescued Zen from Malik's wartrain?

She took him to an abandoned station where Raven was waiting for him.

She made him show here where he had hidden the stolen necklaces.

She knocked him out and put him on a train to Jangala.

She threatened to kill his mother unless he helped her steal from Malik.


Question 2 of 5

How did Zen first locate the Pyxis while on board the Noon train?

Lady Sufra have him a tour of the art collection, which included the Pyxis.

He overheard Kobi bragging about how he kept the Pyxis in his sleeping car.

He used the detailed 3D map of the train that Threnody had given him.

The Pyxis started glowing suddenly as he unknowingly walked past it.


Question 3 of 5

After Zen left his mother and sister safe at Summer Lease, he ---.

asked Flex for help getting into the old Cleave-B station

sneaked into Malik's house to steal the K-bahn key

posed as Tallis again to attend a memorial for the train wreck victims

travelled to Jangala, where he knew Raven kept more Motorik versions of Nova


Question 4 of 5

How did Zen and Nova reach an old platform to meet Flex and the Damask Rose?

They disguised themselves as Hive Monks by allowing Monk bugs to cover them.

They faked the fingerprints of two Bluebodies to gain access to the station.

They inserted themselves in the Datasea using a code Nova had in her brain.

They used a set of lights to make the guards think they were Station Angels.


Question 5 of 5

What happened after Raven took Zen and Nova to see a K-gate being created?

An imperial wartrain carrying a Guardian approached, and a battle ensued.

The K-gate exploded, and the resulting force threw Raven from the viaduct.

Nova attacked Raven and took back the Pyxis, closing the K-gate for good.

Zen swallowed the sphere from the Pyxis to prevent the K-gate's completion.


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by Philip Reeve

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