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Rugby Rebel

Question 1 of 5

When Eoin arrived in his new dormitory at school, what was Alan doing?

Checking out a trapdoor he'd discovered under his bed

Climbing out of the window to get into the room next door

Hiding his mobile phone under his mattress

Trying to open a desk drawer that was firmly stuck shut


Question 2 of 5

Dylan first met Brian at the Rock after---.

Eoin invited Dylan for a run at the end of a school day

Dylan followed Eoin, who'd snuck out of the dorm at night

Dylan accused Eoin of deserting his friends to train with the JCTs

Eoin suggested they might find a clue to the stolen mobiles there


Question 3 of 5

Why did Eoin miss the Junior Cup quarter-final game?

He caught a cold after getting soaked whilst out in heavy rain

He went home to visit Dixie, who had suddenly been taken ill

He was needed for the under 14's game against Belvedere

He had to make a statement to the police about his missing phone


Question 4 of 5

While digging at the Rock with Kevin, what did Eoin unearth?

A large key

An old gun

A metal box containing gold coins

A dented and rusted rugby trophy


Question 5 of 5

When Eoin and Eugene met, what did Eugene apologise for doing?

Firing off warning shots in Eoin's direction on the first evening of term

Stealing and burying the missing Castlerock rugby trophy

Taking the mobile phones to entice Eoin down into the tunnel

Playing the harmonica that had been keeping the boys awake at night


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Rugby Rebel
by Gerard Siggins

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