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Rugby Roar

Question 1 of 5

Which of these did Eoin's letter from the IRFU say about him?

He had been selected as the vice-captain of the Lion Cubs team

He could join the Cubs' tour, providing he passed his Junior Cert exams

He caught the eye of a rugby scout when he'd played the Aviva Stadium

He was expected to start training with the Lion Cubs immediately


Question 2 of 5

Returning to school one night after the Lion Club's function, Eoin---.

Left a note telling Rory that he'd also been chosen for the tour

Woke Alan to ask for advice on settling in to a whole new team

Looked online at footage of Edward Wood, with whom he'd be touring

Comforted Dylan, the only one from the dorm not on the team


Question 3 of 5

At the Heathrow departure lounge, Geoff the coach announced that---

Paddy would be the keeper of the cuddly lion that was to tour with the team

Anyone caught misbehaving on the tour would be on the first plane home

Edward had been replaced, as he had unfortunately broken his arm

The Lion Cubs' captain, Charlie, had arranged for an upgrade to first class


Question 4 of 5

What happened at the Eden Park stadium after Eoin climbed the fence?

The practice kicks he made kept hurtling back at him after a few seconds

The crossbar floated higher whenever his ball got anywhere near it

A cold mist rolled across the pitch and when it cleared, the ball was gone

The scoreboard flickered on by itself then displayed, "Hello Eoin"


Question 5 of 5

After the Cubs beat the South Island Schools XV, Geoff---.

Referred to the winning Cubs as "second-rank" players

Demanded the boys get up at 5am to work on improving their game plan

Said that Eoin should be ashamed of his "dirty" tackling

Rolled his eyes at the Cubs, saying their win was just a stroke of luck


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Rugby Roar
by Gerard Siggins

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