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Rugby Spirit

Question 1 of 5

Why was it expected that Eoin would be good at rugby?

His grandfather had been a star player when at school

He was good at every other sport he had played, including football

His father was a successful rugby coach in the professional league

is school had admitted him based on his physical skills


Question 2 of 5

Alan's rugby lessons with Eoin ended abruptly after---.

Eoin was promoted to the 13Bs

Alan had an accident during a training session

Eoin revealed he supported Munster, not Leinster

Alan was kicked out of the 13As team


Question 3 of 5

What did Alan discover one Sunday after a training session with Alan?

His grandfather had been taken to hospital

His father was going to be his new coach

Mr Finn had left his job at the school

Rory had been caught cheating in an exam and suspended from the team


Question 4 of 5

Why did Eoin and Rory stop being friends?

Rory began to hang out with Duffy and his gang

Rory beat a younger boy who was friends with Eoin

Rory became very aggressive during the training sessions

Rory stole Eoin's English notes the day before a test


Question 5 of 5

During the final at the Aviva Stadium, what was something that happened?

Eoin had to take Duffy's position after he got injured

Eoin missed the last kick of the game but was commended for his efforts

Eoin's grandfather and Mr Finn patched up their differences

Eoin saw his grandfather with Brian, and new his grandfather had died


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Rugby Spirit
by Gerard Siggins

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