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Rugby Warrior

Question 1 of 5

When the term began at Castlerock, Eoin discovered that Dylan had---.

Taken two buses to school and walked instead of asking him for a lift

Arrived with only a rucksack and no other luggage

Got in a fight with Richie, who had given Dylan a black eye on arrival

Been assigned to live with the caretaker in the on-site bungalow


Question 2 of 5

At the presentation at the Aviva, what happened?

Richie skipped calling out Eoin's name while handing out prizes to the team

Eoin received a special medal, and Richie tripped him as he left the stage

Dylan disappeared, and Eoin saw him trying to carve his name onto a wall

Richie 'accidentally' spilled his drink all over Eoin's new tracksuit


Question 3 of 5

What happened when Eoin first opened "The Complete Rugby Footballer"?

He learned that Brian Hanrahan was the book's original owner

He discovered Dave Gallaher had dedicated the book to Dixie

A cold breeze blew through the room and opened the book to page 97

He began to hear the distant sound of the haka coming from the book


Question 4 of 5

What historical artifacts did Dave give to Eoin for his project?

A photo of his wife and daughter and a piece of cloth with a fern on it

A signed rugby ball from the rugby world cup final and a golden pin

A pair of his old boots and a team photo that included him

A medal he had won in the war and a koru necklace


Question 5 of 5

Just after the final against St Osgur's, Eoin was---.

Kidnapped while looking for Caoimhe, who had gone missing

Hit over the head by a man who had mistaken him for Dylan

Pushed down the steps of the stands while protecting Dylan from some thugs

Saved when Brian hit a masked-attacker over the head with a trophy


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Rugby Warrior
by Gerard Siggins

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