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Second Form at Mallory Towers

Question 1 of 5

Daphne and Mary-Lou started spending time together after Mary-Lou ---.

offered to help Daphne with French

found Daphne's missing necklace

took the blame for the trick that Daphne played on Miss Potts

covered for Daphne when she skipped lacrosse practice


Question 2 of 5

The two Mam'zelles nearly came to blows over the ---.

choice of girls to play certain roles in the French plays

disappearance of test papers, which each blamed on the other

need for one of them to attend a boring French conference

level at which to set the thermostat in the office they shared


Question 3 of 5

What did Ellen admit to Sally and Jean after breaking down in tears?

She felt very ill, but couldn't go to bed with so much work to do.

She had given Alicia the idea of playing the trick with the caricatures.

Matron had been fired from the school.

She would be leaving the school, as her scholarship had been withdrawn.


Question 4 of 5

What happened to Ellen when she tried to steal the exam papers in the night?

Darrell followed her and caught her in the act.

She accidentally spilt ink all over the papers.

The door swung shut and trapped her in the form room.

She was so ill that she fell asleep on Mam'zelle's desk.


Question 5 of 5

What did the girls do after they discovered that Daphne was a thief?

They offered to stick by her and help her change her ways.

They forced her to buy each girl a new purse or jewellery.

They 'sent her to Coventry' whilst they decided upon a punishment.

They asked Miss Grayling to place her in a different dorm.


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Second Form at Mallory Towers
by Enid Blyton

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