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Question 1 of 5

The second time he went into the garage, Michael gave the man ---.

food and aspirin

a blanket and a pillow

clean clothing

money for food and shelter


Question 2 of 5

What did Michael ask Doctor MacNabola?

"What's good for arthritis?"

"Will the baby come home soon?"

"Why am I feeling faint often?"

"How can I help my sister?"


Question 3 of 5

When Leakey and Coot went to play football with Michael, they saw ---.

Mina holding his hand

Skellig peeking out of the window

Doctor Death leaving his house

an owl circling overhead


Question 4 of 5

Where was Michael while the baby was having surgery?

with Mina

at school

with Coot

at the hospital


Question 5 of 5

What did Mina and Michael find in the attic before the baby came home?

A heart with three feathers in it was scratched in the floorboards.

Skellig had finished his food and leaving with the owls.

A book on angels had been left there by Mina's grandfather.

The fledglings had left the attic through the window.


Book cover for Skellig

by David Almond

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