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Question 1 of 5

On SnapChat for the last three weeks, Soraya and Farhad had been ---.

replying within a day to each other's funny or symbolic pictures

sending each other snaps of the dog they'd been persuading Dad to get

adding silly captions to photos of teachers they both hated at school

filming cool one-second clips every day for an Internet challenge


Question 2 of 5

When they met in McDonald's, what did Soraya tell Austin about Farhad?

He didn't really have any friends.

He was part of a troublesome local gang.

He couldn't read or write at all.

He suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.


Question 3 of 5

Farhad had gone to a high-up place where there was a ---.

poster of Idris Elba advertising cable television

scaffold with the perfect view of the O2 Arena

crane that could be seen from everywhere in Hackney

brick wall which he scratched his uncle's initials into


Question 4 of 5

While they looked for Farhad, what did Austin convince Soraya to do?

contact her dad to tell him that Farhad was missing

post a new snap asking others to search for Farhad

forgive Farhad for running off as soon as she found him

go on a date with him once the search was over


Question 5 of 5

Before they found Farhad, Soraya kissed Austin's forehead when he ---.

reminded her of the spare jumper and scarf he'd brought in his rucksack

shared his big secret with her, that he'd never had a girlfriend

admitted he'd always kept an eye on Farhad at school for her

took off his gold chain and put it round her neck


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by Patrice Lawrence

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