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Terry’s Dumb Dot Story: A Treehouse Tale

Question 1 of 3

Which of these did Jill say after interrupting Terry and Andy's argument?

"Let Terry do some narration and see how it goes"

"Andy might have some secret art skills"

"Anyone can write. They just need a good idea"

"Try writing a story together. It couldn't hurt"


Question 2 of 3

Everyone's bodies went back to normal when Andy---.

Ended the story by saying it was all a dream

Said sorry for calling the dot story "dumb"

Gave Mr Big Nose a copy of the finished story

Joined the dots in the right order to solve the puzzle


Question 3 of 3

In Terry's story, everyone lived happily ever after when---.

The Story Police fell down a hole

A large dot ate the Story Police

The Story Police dived into a tunnel to grab doughnuts

He erased the Story Police from the story


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Book cover for Terry’s Dumb Dot Story: A Treehouse Tale

Terry’s Dumb Dot Story: A Treehouse Tale
by Andy Griffiths

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