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The 26-Storey Treehouse

Question 1 of 5

What did the sharks eat, which made them sick?

Terry's underpants

Andy's robots

Cement-flavoured ice cream

A talking tube


Question 2 of 5

What round object did Andy find inside one of the sharks?

Captain Woodenhead's wooden head

A prop from a zombie film he and Terry had once made

Edward Scooperhands's favourite bowling ball

A 10p coin that had a hole in it


Question 3 of 5

After the storm, what did Andy and the others find on the beach?

Ten sailors from a wrecked ship

A giant alligator, which Jill wanted to adopt

The missing piece of Captain Woodenhead's treasure map

Fourteen copies of Andy and Terry's last book


Question 4 of 5

Why did Andy suggest he, Terry and Jill go into the Maze of Doom?

He hoped Captain Woodenhead would run after them and get lost

He had hidden an emergency speedboat in one of the dead-ends

He wanted to show his friends the new emergency exits he had made

He wanted to rescue Silky, who had been lost for days


Question 5 of 5

What did Mr Big Nose say after Andy and Terry's book was done?

The schedule had changed, and the book was due on his desk in five minutes

He wanted a picture of himself on the book's front cover

He thought Andy and Terry should write another book all about Gorgonzola

The book was going to have scratch-and-sniff pages within it


Book cover for The 26-Storey Treehouse

The 26-Storey Treehouse
by Andy Griffiths

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