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The Amazine Edie Eckhart: The Final Mission

Question 1 of 5

To get Mia to talk to her, what did Edie plan to ask?

what Mia's favourite pizza topping was

which books Mia read in her free time

whether Mia wanted to join the drama club

where Mia went to walk her pet dogs


Question 2 of 5

What did Benjamin do when Flora was upset about her art "lacking heart"?

He showed how he used water with coloured pencils to make colours pop.

He drew some funny caricatures of her, which cheered her up.

He told her about a local art gallery and suggested going there together.

He explained what he did whenever he got a bad result in maths.


Question 3 of 5

Moving her mission onto Plan B, Edie decided to ---.

invite Mia and Benjamin to the beach that weekend

bake some special cupcakes for Mia and Benjamin

join the athletics club to try to impress Mia

find another nice group for Mia to be friends with


Question 4 of 5

When left alone together on the beach, Edie and Mia ---.

apologised to one another and shared their feelings, ending with a hug

drew a giant picture in the sand of the friends, making them both laugh

planned to go together to a bookshop where they could have hot chocolates

agreed that friends did not always have to agree with each other


Question 5 of 5

Edie and Mia got to school early one day to ask Mrs Alder if they could ---.

start a new policy to have class counsellors who'd help new pupils settle in

suggest ways for the teachers to support children with hearing impairments

have somebody signing along to the stage at the next school production

do a presentation about San Francisco, to allow Mia to feel more at home


Book cover for The Amazine Edie Eckhart: The Final Mission

The Amazine Edie Eckhart: The Final Mission
by Rosie Jones

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