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The Baby Brother from Outer Space

Question 1 of 5

When Mr Graves held the baby at assembly, he told the students that---.

The baby was a VIP guest for the day

The nearby nursery was closed until Friday

Everyone had to take a turn holding the baby

The baby would be "helping" them in class


Question 2 of 5

While in The Den, what was one thing Haroon told the children?

His mum had been acting like someone else since the baby arrived

The baby wasn't like other babies, as he was always sleeping

He had seen the baby turn into an alien after dinner one night

His family had forgotten about him, as the baby had made him "invisible"


Question 3 of 5

What happened when the friends were caught running by Mrs Seith?

Haroon distracted her by asking if she wanted to meet Samir

Samir started crying loudly, so she sprinted off in his direction

Jodi lied and said that Samir needed a bottle from the staff room

She took them to Mr Grave's office, and were told they had to babysit Samir


Question 4 of 5

When Samir was brought to Izzy's class, which of these happened?

She got frightened when they made eye contact and he smiled

He grabbed Maisie's hair, and she thought he was trying to eat her

The teachers forgot about the class after he gave them 'orders'

He waved at her, and she thought he was giving her a signal


Question 5 of 5

Maisie got out her phone to call the police when---.

The friends smelled a terrible smell and realised it was shepherd's pie

She saw her class would be learning about Mars in science that day

Zach complained he had a pain in his side after drinking "eyeball water"

The dinner ladies announced they would be serving baby food for lunch


Book cover for The Baby Brother from Outer Space

The Baby Brother from Outer Space
by Pamela Bitchart

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