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The Bolds’ Great Adventure

Question 1 of 5

Why did Mr and Mrs Bold decide to tell the twins that they were hyenas?

The twins had their first day of school the next day

Bobby had got in trouble for biting their neighbour

The twins were asking questions about their tails

The children at the twins' nursery had teased them about their looks


Question 2 of 5

Mr and Mrs Bold had learned to speak English by---.

Listening to the stories humans told each other around campfires

Stalking humans as they talked about animals on their safari

Reading any books left lying around by humans

Repeating the phrases that baboons had taught them


Question 3 of 5

Mr Bold heard his first joke when---.

He and Mrs Bold were on the bus to the airport

He looked for a way to sneak on a boat to England

His and Mrs Bold's boat stopped to pick up passengers

The man on the aeroplane spilt his drink on him


Question 4 of 5

Which of these had happened when the Bolds were at Kilimanjaro Airport?

A sniffer dog recommended which passport control cubicle they go to

Dolores the ostrich gave them two free tickets to fly to England

They were stopped by a man who thought he knew them

A security man let them go through security without removing their hats


Question 5 of 5

How had Mr and Mrs Bold got through passport control in England?

The inspector could not see their photos properly after he sneezed

They lied to the inspector, saying they had an illness that made them hairy

They sneaked past after Mr Bold made the inspector cry with laughter

The inspector stamped their passports after they growled at him


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The Bolds’ Great Adventure
by Julian Clary

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