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The Bolds on Holiday

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What happened before Bobby hurt his ankle on Sports Day?

Kyle demanded that Bobby give him his medal

He won a race against Kyle, who'd got lost trying to take a shortcut

He bet Betty he could out-jump her on two legs

Kyle and Bobby were told they had to share their medal


Question 2 of 5

When the Bolds first met Pam, she told them that---.

She couldn't go on long flights as they made her breathless

She was an expert at sailing and knew the seas well

Animals from around the country were in Cornwall to meet the family

She hadn't stopped all day and was starving


Question 3 of 5

What was one thing the Bolds did while searching for Bobby?

They walked with Betty as she followed the trail of Bobby's scent

They searched for Bobby's footprints, which they found in the woods

They hung Bobby's favourite sandwiches in the trees, hoping to attract him

They helped Miranda climb a tall tree to keep a look-out for Bobby


Question 4 of 5

After Pam told the Bolds that she'd found Bobby, she said that---.

Dog-Mad Debby planned to make the stolen dogs look posh to sell them on

Mr X had escaped from prison and wanted to use the stolen dogs as protection

A woman wanted to buy Dog-Mad Debby's stolen dogs to make coats

The stolen dogs were being trained to be in Dog-Mad Debby's dog circus


Question 5 of 5

What was one thing that happened when the Bolds returned from their holiday?

Millie was allowed to keep Walter as he was hairless

The other stolen dogs moved in next door to them

They used their reward money to pay off Millie's family's bills

Nellie and Taxi had puppies, and let Millie have one


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The Bolds on Holiday
by Julian Clary

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