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The Bolds to the Rescue

Question 1 of 5

What did Sheila do right after climbing up and out of the toilet?

She jumped into the shower and asked Mrs Bold to scrub her back

She slithered quickly into the kitchen and ate all the Bolds' steaks

She grabbed a toothbrush and brushed the small bones out of her teeth

She asked Mrs Bold to build a pond for her in the back garden


Question 2 of 5

After appearing at the Bolds', Roger said he could earn his keep by---.

Babysitting the twins

Cleaning the house

Taking pictures of the Bold family

Sewing new clothes for the household


Question 3 of 5

What did Sheila reveal during Group Therapy one day?

She didn't want to live as a human anymore

She had eaten the neighbours' prize-winning cat

She had fallen in love with a tortoise she met at the zoo

She couldn't see very well but had always hated glasses


Question 4 of 5

In order to help Fifi, Minnie had the idea to---.

Ask her music teacher to teach Fifi

Enter Fifi into the singing contest at school

Introduce Fifi to a popular singing group in town

Take Fifi to a jazz-and-blues club nearby


Question 5 of 5

In a letter Fifi sent to the Bolds, she wrote that---.

Sheila had slipped into the Nile river to live in the wild

Minty and Molly had overcome their fear of racing and won the Gold Cup race

Roger was enjoying playing the bongos on the cruise ship

She was making a fortune selling Amelia's Animal Magic perfume


Book cover for The Bolds to the Rescue

The Bolds to the Rescue
by Julian Clary

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