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The Boy With Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot

Question 1 of 5

At his birthday celebrations at The Facility, Tunde was struggling to ---.

be happy and get in the party mood

stay awake for the cake after flying all night long

talk openly with his family

smile when he saw the socks he got as a birthday present


Question 2 of 5

On Artie's first day in class, how did he first help Tunde?

He caught the books that Pauly had tried to drop on Tunde's feet.

He slipped between Tunde and Pauly when they got into an argument.

He quickly grabbed Tunde's shirt and Tunde slipped on Pauly's sandwich.

He corrected an error on Tunde's maths homework.


Question 3 of 5

Which of these led to Tunde scoring the first goal of the match?

Artie robbed the ball from a Dogwall player and passed it to Tunde.

Tunde tackled one Dogwall defender and then nutmegged another.

Artie gave Tunde some quick advice for scoring from the halfway line.

Nev helped Artie clear the way for Tunde to run up to the Dogwall goal.


Question 4 of 5

Tunde first saw Artie flying shortly after realising that ---.

a robbery was happening at the bank

a cat was trapped up a tree

the lab at The Facility was on fire

a school bus was about to slide into the river


Question 5 of 5

Which of these happened when Tunde finally apologised to Artie?

CAINE's countdown to destruction stopped.

Artie entered a code to override CAINE's anger.

CAINE began falling apart, turning back into scrap pieces.

Artie ordered CAINE to take him back to Earth.


Book cover for The Boy With Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot

The Boy With Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot
by Lenny Henry

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