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The Case of the Drowned Pearl

Question 1 of 5

What "commotion" did Daisy and Hazel see when they arrived at the hotel?

Mr Victor interrupting Antonia's interview with Miss Mottson

Constable Neaves arresting a pickpocket who'd robbed Antonia

Antonia confronting paparazzi who'd taken photo of her swimming

Uncle Felix and Aunt Lucy hitting Antonia's car whilst chasing a suspect


Question 2 of 5

Which if these clues did Daisy find on Antonia's body?

some short dark-brown hairs on her shoulder and arm

a needle-shaped puncture mark on her inner thigh

an unpolished pearl hidden inside her mouth

the bloody fingerprint of her killer on her neck


Question 3 of 5

Whilst searching Antonia's room, one thing Daisy found was ---.

an unsigned will, in which her money would go to Miss Singh and Mr Geck

two first-class Orient Express tickets, dated for the following evening

a family photograph that appeared to show Antonia with a young Mr Victor

a threatening letter from Miss Mottson, linking Antonia to a fascist leader


Question 4 of 5

Which of these did Mr Geck reveal when Alexander took the girls to see him?

He had heard a man's voice when he took some whisky up to Antonia's room.

He had moved the body, fearing his criminal past would make him a suspect.

Mr Victor had tricked him into revealing which floor Antonia's room was on.

His chambermaids had ignored the water leaking out under Antonia's door.


Question 5 of 5

What made Daisy realise that Constable Neaves had killed Antonia, his wife?

He referred to Antonia by her nickname.

There were soap stains on his uniform boots.

She found Antonia's swimming goggles in his car.

He wore Antonia's missing wedding ring.


Book cover for The Case of the Drowned Pearl

The Case of the Drowned Pearl
by Robin Stevens

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