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The Creakers

Question 1 of 5

Lucy first saw a pair of black, beady eyes under her bed after she---.

Went to her wardrobe to get out her special things

Knocked her alarm off the bedside table and bent down to pick it up

Woke up in the night and got out of bed for a drink of water

Searched her room for her missing sunglasses


Question 2 of 5

Before trapping the Creakers, Lucy put on her swimming goggles to---.

Prevent the Creakers' sleeping dust from getting into her eyes

Stop her eyes watering from the stink of the Creakers' breath

Make herself look less human and more like the Creakers

Keep the creatures from recognising that she was Lucy


Question 3 of 5

How did the grown-ups manage to get out of the Woleb?

The children threw them ropes that they climbed down

They used underground tree roots to pull themselves up

The children tied bed sheets together and pulled them out

They followed the Creaker vines winding through the tunnels


Question 4 of 5

What happened when Lucy played the harmonica in the Woleb?

Her dad got his human memories back

Her mum's injuries instantly healed

The Creakers all fell asleep

The missing children followed the sound to her


Question 5 of 5

When the grown-ups wanted to destroy the Creakers, what did Lucy explain?

The Creakers needed the rubbish that people dumped to make useful things

All the litter and pollution people made had polluted the Creaker world

The Creakers were sad that grown-ups had stopped telling stories about them

Children needed to tidy their rooms, and the Creakers would stay away


Book cover for The Creakers

The Creakers
by Tom Fletcher

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