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The Curious Case of the Irish Yeti

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Which of these happened soon after Bram was awakened in the night?

He saw one of his neighbours shouting in the street, holding a blunderbuss.

A figure came into his room and warned him to keep his mouth shut.

He heard people running down the corridor and talking about a stolen watch.

A loud, ape-like yell came from his back garden, but no one was there.


Question 2 of 5

What happened just after the farmer left Billy and Shep to get his sheep?

An angry crowd marched towards them.

A stray sheep started following them around.

The 'Yeti' ran past them while holding a collar.

They overheard builders complaining about a "disaster".


Question 3 of 5

As well as using Prince Albert as bait, Shep and Billy planned to ---.

dress up as dogs

have Prince Albert sit below a net

hide inside a dog kennel

leave a trail of dog food


Question 4 of 5

What happened just after Bram and Molly saw the 'Yeti' run from the crowd?

They found a compass on the ground.

They heard a woman calling for someone.

Rain from the storm washed the evidence away.

They saw a second 'Yeti' in the shadows.


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Major Herring reveal after Molly pulled off his goggles?

He had recently been sent home from an expedition in the Himalayas.

He was studying humans and how they adapted to cold Atlantic weather.

His pet ape had escaped from his Cork home, and he was looking for her.

His latest science experiment was about night vision, like a bat's.


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The Curious Case of the Irish Yeti
by Alan Nolan

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