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The Doomsday Date

Question 1 of 5

For the fifth item on his bucket list, Sanjeet want to Pigeon Park to ---.

learn how to skateboard

go skinny-dipping in the lake

ride the drop slide he'd always feared

get a pigeon to eat from his hand


Question 2 of 5

What did Sanjeet do at The Parlour as part of his bucket list?

He tried fast food for the first time.

He got a massage, which he'd always been nervous to do.

He paid to play with puppies for an hour, one of his dreams.

He bought a collector's edition comic.


Question 3 of 5

When Sanjeet went home without Sola, he ended up fainting after he ---.

tried to pierce his own ear but it went wrong

blew up all the party balloons by himself

went into an anxious spiral about the world ending

beat his record of a hundred laps of the garden on a scooter


Question 4 of 5

What did Sanjeet do after climbing over the gate at Sola's home?

He threw stones at Tobi's window, thinking it was Sola's.

He peeked through the open door and saw Sola crying.

He started picking flowers for Sola, as Anika had suggested.

He looked in his bag for the Octavia E Butler book, which was gone.


Question 5 of 5

Which if these did Sola say after she and Sanjeet kissed?

The time was three minutes past twelve.

Doomsday was probably in 2010.

They should make a new bucket list together.

She'd like it if he dyed his hair back to black.


Book cover for The Doomsday Date

The Doomsday Date
by Faridah Abike-lyimide

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