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The Famous Five: Good Old Timmy and Other Stories

Question 1 of 5

After Oliver was kidnapped at the beach, the children saw that ---.

the men's dog wasn't in the car, but was chasing after it

Oliver had kicked off one of his shoes when he was grabbed

one of the men had dropped a matchbox with the name of the hotel on it

the men had left their dog tied to a fence post


Question 2 of 5

While the children were resting in the shaded copse, Timmy ---.

went rabbiting

dug a hole

got lost

swam in the stream


Question 3 of 5

What happened just before the police arrived at the woods?

George ordered Timmy to guard the two men in the tree.

Timmy grabbed the parcel from the tree and ran off with it.

The two men began arguing, and one fell from the tree.

Julian climbed the tree and retrieved the men's package.


Question 4 of 5

What did the woman with poor hearing tell the children about the house?

The two people who lived in it were away.

It had been abandoned since its owner died.

She thought someone might be squatting in it.

It was haunted, and locals never went near it.


Question 5 of 5

When the Five returned, what did the old lady inside the house tell them?

She had had a fall and only been able to turn the radio on.

Her old television set often turned itself on while she was out.

Her sister, who was a singer, had been staying in the house uninvited.

She had just arrived home to see two men fleeing the house.


Book cover for The Famous Five: Good Old Timmy and Other Stories

The Famous Five: Good Old Timmy and Other Stories
by Enid Blyton

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