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The Fastest Pet on Earth

Question 1 of 5

Jumpa's mother had given up her job as Wonder Woman's steed to ---.

guard the Amazons' main temple

begin training a group of young kangas

search Paradise Island for Cheetah

care for Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons


Question 2 of 5

What was true of the golden tortoise?

He boosted the powers of anyone touching him.

He could cut through anything with his sharp beak.

He would grow to be the size of Paradise Island.

He gave everlasting life to anyone who helped him.


Question 3 of 5

With Oro's power boost, what was Chauncey able to do?

zoom over the water

jump higher than Jumpa

blend into his surroundings

use his spinning tail to fly


Question 4 of 5

During the race, why did Chauncy grind to a halt?

He reached a wide patch of watery swamp.

Wonder Woman blocked his path.

A thorn had become lodged in his paw.

Jumpa kicked up same, and it got in his eyes.


Question 5 of 5

Wonder Woman thought Jumpa should ---.

be the one to bring the golden tortoise to Hippolyta

take a well-deserved holiday away from Paradise Island

help her mother guard the Amazons' main temple

return Oro to the tortoise nest on Coral Shore


Book cover for The Fastest Pet on Earth

The Fastest Pet on Earth
by J.E. Bright

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