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The Girl Who Thought She Was a Dog

Question 1 of 5

While Twiglet pretended to sleep, Rosie asked Grandma to---.

Help with childcare when she went back to work

Feed and walk Twiglet when she took Fennel on holiday

Potty train fennel, which she was struggling to do

Share some tips on training a naughty puppy


Question 2 of 5

Which of these did Grandma suggest to Rosie when Fennel was a toddler?

Letting Twiglet sleep in Fennel's room to stop her night-time tantrums

Giving Fennel Twiglet's food to try just once, to prove it wasn't for humans

Having a birthday party for Fennel, to which guests would bring their dogs

Taking Fennel and Twiglet to Crufts to let them watch the dog shows


Question 3 of 5

What did Fennel do after Twiglet told her she should act more like a human?

She said "mama" for the first time

She started using her potty properly

She walked on all fours one last time

She shouted at Twiglet in "Doggish"


Question 4 of 5

After Twiglet was bitten in the park, what did the vet tell Rosie?

It was Twiglet's collar that had saved him

It would be safer to keep Twiglet on a lead

Twiglet had to wear a cone for 2 weeks

Twiglet was getting very old


Question 5 of 5

What did Fennel admit to her uncles when they took her for a walk?

Children at school called her weird as she'd sniffed them on the first day

Her teacher hadn't let her keep the framed photo of Twiglet on her desk

She kept getting told off by her teacher for growling during her lessons

She really wanted to make friends at school, but she didn't know how


Book cover for The Girl Who Thought She Was a Dog

The Girl Who Thought She Was a Dog
by Clare Balding

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