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The Journey

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Before the war began, the child's family used to ---.

spend many weekends at the beach

grow vegetables on their farm

knit hats and stockings to see at the market

sing and dance with their neighbours at parties


Question 2 of 3

What did the family do when they were not allowed to cross the border?

They fell asleep in the dark forest.

They helped a farmer in exchange for food.

They walked along the wall until they found a hole under it.

They wandered the crowded city streets.


Question 3 of 3

From the train, the child looked out and saw ---.

birds that seemed to be following the family

the same Moon that once glowed about the family's house before the war

the faces of old family friends in the clouds

flowers that seemed more colourful than any at the family's home


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The Journey
by Francesca Simon

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