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The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

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On a phone call to Noah while driving as Lee slept, Elle learnt that ---.

Amanda was sticking around at college for spring break.

Amanda had tried to kiss him when she'd been drunk.

His room-mate Steve had a really annoying new girlfriend.

He was hosting a party in his dorm to welcome her and Lee.


Question 2 of 5

After deciding to spend the night in Missouru, Elle and Lee went to ---.

an outdoor concert in a park with fireworks

a diner where they shared two huge milkshakes

an eighties-style drive-in cinema showing Grease

a karaoke night where they performed a cheesy duet


Question 3 of 5

On their second group night out, Noah and Amanda took Elle and Lee to ---.

an open-mic comedy event in a coffee shop

a nightclub, where Elle was turned away at the door

a traffic light party in the campus bar

an all-you-can-eat buffet in Amanda's uncle's restaurant


Question 4 of 5

Which of these surprised Elle during the break from the comedy?

Noah acted maturely after someone spilled a drink on his shoes.

Noah hesitated when the comedian asked if he and Elle were in love.

Noah turned down some free beer, saying he had "quit drinking".

She spotted Noah and Amanda sharing a cigarette in the car park.


Question 5 of 5

What happened when Elle and Noah stopped for lunch by the river?

He reassured her that his feelings for her would not change.

He gave her a promise ring to show his commitment to her.

Amanda jogged past and ruined their romantic kiss on purpose.

She blurted out that she was confused about her feelings for Lee.


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The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!
by Beth Reekles

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