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The Magic Faraway Tree (modern edition)

Question 1 of 5

When Joe was topsy-turvy, Moon-Face said he could put it right by ---.

getting a spell from the Land of Spells

sending the Owl to the elves to ask for their help

pushing him down the slippery-slip, upside down, ten times in a row

going to the Land of Magic Medicines to get a turn-about tonic


Question 2 of 5

Which of these did NOT happen in Dreamland?

Frannie turned into an owl and flew through the air.

Moon-Face discovered that his money bag was full of marbles.

Six policemen cried tears to fill up a swimming pool.

The friends flew in a plane that became a bus and then a ship.


Question 3 of 5

How did the children and friends get rid of the toys who followed them?

They pushed them down the slippery-slip.

They rounded them up into a toy box.

They made the toys chase them until their clockworks ran down.

They locked them in the toy fort.


Question 4 of 5

What happened whilst Moon-Face and Saucepan stayed with the children?

The Old Woman Who Lives in a Show moved into Moon-Face's house in the tree.

Wizard Wily came down the ladder and put spells on all the tree dwellers.

A gang of mean toys took over the tree and caused horrid trouble for Silky.

The enchanter came and took Mister Watzisname away.


Question 5 of 5

What clever thing did Frannie do in the Land of Tempers?

She told the head man where Lady Yell-Around and Sir Stamp-a-Lot were.

She started telling jokes so that nobody could keep her a prisoner there.

She caused an argument between Lady Yell-Around and Sir Stamp-a-Lot.

She fetched the Angry Pixie, who lost his temper and caused a distraction.


Book cover for The Magic Faraway Tree (modern edition)

The Magic Faraway Tree (modern edition)
by Enid Blyton

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