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The Marvels

Question 1 of 10

Joseph didn't want to tell Frankie the real reason he was ---.

wearing a broken watch

carrying an empty birdcage

walking with a limp

holding the stub of a white candle


Question 2 of 10

What did Albert tell Joseph that Aut Visum Aut Non meant?

"You either see it or you don't."

"Trust no one but yourself."

"Time waits for no man."

"Art is for art's sake."


Question 3 of 10

Where did Frankie and Joseph see the same angel that Leo had drawn?

on the ceiling of the Royal Theatre

in a mural at the clinic where Frankie's mum worked

inside the carriage that Florent drove

on the inner leaf of an old book of Shakespeare's plays


Question 4 of 10

What did Albert say after he showed Joseph the drawings?

He had made up the stories.

Billy had been the model for the angel painting in the theatre.

Leo was alive and living in America.

He was going to give the papers to a museum.


Question 5 of 10

When Albert was ill, he woke up and thought that ---.

Joseph was Leo

Billy was there with him

he was onstage in the theatre

Forent was an angel


Book cover for The Marvels

The Marvels
by Brian Selznick

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