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The Novice

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In the tavern, what led to Fletcher and Rotherham fighting Didric and Jakov?

Rotherham ignored Didric's offer of four shillings for the summoners book.

Fletcher accidentally spilled ale all over Jakov's new guard uniform.

Didric began harrassing a barmaid, and Fletcher told him to leave her alone.

Jakov tried to steal the sword Rotherham had brought from Fletcher earlier.


Question 2 of 5

What happened after Didric threatened to kill Fletcher in the mausoleum?

The imp attacked Didric, and them Fletcher descended into the catacombs.

Fletcher sent the imp for help, and it returned with Berdon and two guards.

Fletcher instinctively created a shield to protect himself and the imp.

Calista had a change of heart and knocked Didric and Jakov unconscious.


Question 3 of 5

Arcturus offered to sponsorFletcher at Vocans Academy after...

he rescued Fletcher from three thieves who tried to rob him.

Fletcher, who was broke, tried to sell him James Baker's book.

he saw Fletcher help a dwarf who'd been beaten by the Pinkertons

Sacharissa captured Fletcher's imp and brought in to Arcturus.


Question 4 of 5

During breakfast, Scipio announced to all the students that...

both first-years and second-years would take part in the tournaments

every commoner would be assigned to a noble who would mentor him or her

King Harold himself would be coming to inspect and evaluate the students

he was planning to retire and Rook would replace him as provost


Question 5 of 5

What did Fletcher and Othello witness after they left the Dwarven Quarter?

Grindle was about to publicly execute Sylva just because she was an elf.

A large army of Orcs was approaching Corcillum from the north.

Tarquin and Isadora knocked Seraph unconscious and tried to kill his demon.

A group of dwarves led by Othello's father were attacking the city guards.


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The Novice
by Taran Matharu

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