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The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop

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On the day Polly's mum first visited Folly Farm, she---.

Brought a saddle and bridle along for Charlie to use on Percy

Taught the Basses how to properly care for and groom the horses

Helped with the chores Charlie and Mrs Bass had fallen behind on

Showed Joe the correct jockey stance and offered to train him


Question 2 of 5

After Joe went on his course, what did Harry say that surprised him?

He had booked a champion jockey for the race at Salisbury

He wanted to take a jockey course similar to Joe's, without Joe knowing

The reason he hadn't been helping was because he was afraid of horses

Victoria Pendleton had offered to give Charlie free riding lessons


Question 3 of 5

An "unexpected benefit" of the newspaper article in the Moon was that---.

Mrs Williams provided suitable outfits for the Basses to wear to the Derby

Noble Warrior acquired fans from all over, rooting for him to win the Derby

The students at Charlie's school started treating her like a celebrity

A sponsorship deal provided Charlie with her blue and gold racing colours


Question 4 of 5

What did the fortune teller tell Charlie after reading her cards?

It was Noble Warrior's name that had appeared on the well the night before

In her dreams, she had seen a brown horse winning the race

The octopus famous for predicting race winners had selected Noble Warrior

Charlie's name would be spoken in admiration for many years to come


Question 5 of 5

After the racehorses left the stalls at the Derby, Charlie and Percy---.

Rode past the fairgrounds and across the course to wait at the winning post

Jumped over the barriers that surrounded the winner's enclosure

Positioned themselves next to the grandstand to spur on Noble Warrior

Followed Bryan Dennis, who Charlie believed was cheating


Book cover for The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop

The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop
by Clare Balding

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