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The Stars at Oktober Bend

Question 1 of 5

After first seeing the girl, Manny found the first poem written on a ---.

packet of flower seeds folded into a fan and attached to a Coca-Cola poster

piece of paper made into an origami duck and placed on the riverbank

page torn from a King James Bible and glued onto the middle of the bridge

photo of a man, burnt at the edges and tucked into a library copy of Hamlet


Question 2 of 5

How did Manny learn that the girl he had seen was named Alice?

Tilda approached him and asked him to find out where Alice and Joey lived.

Joey mentioned Alice when he visited Bull, and Manny eavesdropped on them.

He climbed a tree to observe the river-house and heard Gram calling to her.

Lucas told him a lie about Alice and Joey's father having abused them.


Question 3 of 5

What was one thing that led to Manny having dinner at Alice's home?

He found her collapsed in the waiting room at the railway station.

He met her on a hill, hyperventilating because Bear had gone missing.

He caught her in the act of nailing a poem to a tree in his garden.

He saw her fall down in the middle of the road and almost get hit by a car.


Question 4 of 5

Hamish concussed Manny and made threats about Alice, claiming to want ---.

Manny to tell Joey to keep away from Tilda

Alice to pay for having got Lucas arrested

Manny to steal money from Louisa James for him

Alice and Manny to leave town for good


Question 5 of 5

When Hamish arrived at Oktober Bend during the flood, Alice ---.

saved him from falling from the balcony and into the water

shot at him with Papa's gun, hitting his boat and making it sink

jumped into the water to escape from him after he killed Bear

sat with him as he died after he was impaled by wood from her roof


Book cover for The Stars at Oktober Bend

The Stars at Oktober Bend
by Glenda Millard

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