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The Suitcase Kid

Question 1 of 5

Why did Dad's face lose it's smile when he and Andy were in the car?

Andy asked him if they could drive by Mulberry Cottage.

He told Andy he was moving out of the house on Albert Road.

He suddenly remembered he had missed Andy's birthday.

Andy told him she would rather live with her mum.


Question 2 of 5

What day did Andy always seem to be the most ill?

Friday, when she changed between her two houses

Monday, when she had to go back to school

Saturday, when Carrie wanted her to watch the twins

Wednesday, when the family counsellor checked in on her


Question 3 of 5

Graham made a boat that actually floated for Andy because he ---.

liked the way Andy bashed Katie

felt bad that Andy had lost her stuffed rabbit

wanted to thank Andy for helping him with arithmetic

needed a favour from Andy


Question 4 of 5

Where did Andy lose Radish?

She dropped him down the inside of a tree.

She knocked him off the boat with a stick.

She forgot him in her coat pocket on the bus.

She left him in her desk at school, and he was stolen.


Question 5 of 5

As Andy held her new baby sister, she thought the baby should have ---.

a pretty name

a pet rabbit

her own tree in the garden

her own room


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The Suitcase Kid
by Jacqueline Wilson

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