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The Time Spell

Question 1 of 5

How did Lauren end up with Saturn?

An old woman at the park gave him to her.

Tilly was moving to a small flat and couldn't keep him.

He was a birthday gift from her parents.

She found him on her doorstep one day.


Question 2 of 5

What did Mikey give to Lauren before they left his house?

a faded brown dress that had been his mother's

a pocket watch his grandfather had given him

a handful of coins to pay for the train

a colourful parasol to shade her from the sunshine


Question 3 of 5

After Lauren told the captain that the Titanic would sink, he ---.

told her the ship was specially designed and she shouldn't worry

asked one of his men to take her back to the third-class deck

promised to put an extra sailor on watch that night

took her below decks to show her the compartments the ship had


Question 4 of 5

After Lauren gave Mary a charm from her bracelet, Mary gave Lauren a ---.

holy medal on a blue ribbon

pearl earring she had got from her mum

drawing she had made of the two of them

pair of mittens she'd just finished knitting


Question 5 of 5

When Lauren visited Ballyboher, she discovered that Mikey ---.

had a large family with many children

had died at sea the day she last saw him

was a rich potato farmer and had the largest farm in the village

was living in Dublin and running a zip factory


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The Time Spell
by Judi Curtin

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