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The What The Ladybird Heard Story Play

Question 1 of 3

What two things did Hugh and Len have when the ladybird first saw them?

a map and a key

a box and a sack

some cat food and some dog food

a bike and a hat


Question 2 of 3

When the ladybird had a good idea, she ---.

whispered to all the animals

woke up the horse and all the pigs

flew over to the farmer's wife

went to look at Hugh and Len's van


Question 3 of 3

When the farmer woke, he ---.

called the cops

woke the horse

jumped in his car

pushed Hugh and Len over


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Book cover for The What The Ladybird Heard Story Play

The What The Ladybird Heard Story Play
by Julia Donaldson

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