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The Worst Class in the World in Danger!

Question 1 of 5

When the children looked out of the hall window, they saw ---.

a helicopter land on the grass

a woman arrive in an astronaut suit

a parachute open in the sky

a footballer get out of a limo


Question 2 of 5

What was the "most amazing" thing Mavis Grady told the children?

She had once been a pupil at St Regina's Primary.

She used to be a teacher and had been 4B's first teacher.

She was good friends with the Queen.

She kept a pet alligator at the farm where she lived.


Question 3 of 5

At the Poo Wagon, the first foolproof plan Manjit told Stanley was to ---.

find a wild animal in the playground and persuade it to wrestle them

go to the zoo and see if there were any wild animals they could save

look on the internet for any wild animal sightings near the school

visit Mavis Grady and ask her to film them feeding her pet alligator


Question 4 of 5

What did Stanley glue to his head to try to lure Lollipop out of the tree?

a sausage

a cat toy

a banana

a laser light


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did NOT happen the day 4B read out their autobiographies?

Lollipop was brought into school by one of the firefighters.

Bruce Bingley said that Manjit and Stanley's story wasn't true.

Mrs Bottomley-Blunt asked why Harvey Barlow was eating Stanley's hair.

Muriel Lemon won the Mavis Grady autobiography.


Book cover for The Worst Class in the World in Danger!

The Worst Class in the World in Danger!
by Joanna Nadin

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