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There’s a Werewolf in my Tent!

Question 1 of 5

Why did Miss Moon make a fuss at dinnertime on the first day's camping?

The barbecue wouldn't work and the restaurant only had a vegetarian option

She found her sweet bag torn to pieces and marshmallows on the ground

Miss Jones over-cooked the burgers after Miss Moon requested hers rare

None of the sausages could be eaten as someone had taken a bite out of each


Question 2 of 5

What did the friends do after receiving the first text from Amy?

They bought ham from a shop and laid slices of it on Miss Moon's tent

They hid behind a tree and made howling noises when the moon was out

They set a trap for Miss Moon by tying sausage links to a tree branch

They rubbed chorizo on their faces before going to Miss Moon's craft lesson


Question 3 of 5

Which of these happened at the start of the friends' Full Moon Mission?

Jodi got them lost in the woods as her compass wasn't working properly

Zach heard a growl and dropped the only torch, which rolled into the river

They found a tent filled with chewed-up cuddly toys

Izzy hurt her ankle while climbing a rock during her turn keeping watch


Question 4 of 5

What did Izzy realise as Miss Moon led the friends back to the camp?

Jodi wasn't wearing the silver locket she usually had on

The strange odour she could smell coming from Miss Moon was wet dog

Jodi's hands must have turned green from holding the silver coins

The growling noise had been Miss Moon, not someone's hungry stomach


Question 5 of 5

What did Miss Moon explain when the friends accused her of being a werewolf?

She hated camping and had rented a luxury camping van

Her dog had come on the trip with her, but she had lost him

She acted in her spare time, and they'd seen her rehearsing for a role

She wasn't wearing her silver ring as she'd ended her engagement


Book cover for There’s a Werewolf in my Tent!

There’s a Werewolf in my Tent!
by Pamela Butchart

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