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What did Pete do when the trees looked bare and scrappy?

He dug up every single tree.

He stuck the leaves back onto the trees.

He hung decorations on the trees.

He piled up sack after sack to hide the scrappy trees.


Question 2 of 3

There was no mud, no leaves, no mess, and no trees. What did Pete say then?

"This forest is practically perfect."

"I wish I had someone to tidy for me."

"Are you happy now, fox?"

"The mud won't bother the animals any more."


Question 3 of 3

What happened after Pete realised he had made a mistake?

The animals helped him to put everything in the forest back as it had been.

The fox showed him how to dig a new tunnel into his home.

He planted lots and lots of new trees to replace the ones he'd dug up.

He went to the beach and started tidying up there.


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by Emily Gravett

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