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Welcome to Nowhere

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What did Oscar do when Ma sent him to collect medicine from the pharmacy?

He retrieved the mobile phone he had hidden for Musa during the march.

He disposed of the gun that Bassem passed to Musa at the mosque.

He delivered a coded message to Bassem from Musa, who wasn't allowed out.

He collected a parcel from an address that Musa had supplied him with.


Question 2 of 5

On Auntie Fawzia's farm, Omar wanted to fight Jaber who had ---.

scared the donkey Omar was on, making it bolt and throw him into a cistern

showed Omar's younger siblings online videos of activists being tortured

bullied Musa about his cerebal palsy and locked him in the barn

stolen the savings he found in Omar's pencil case to buy himself a bicycle


Question 3 of 5

How did Omar and his family get safely across the border into Jordan?

They climbed down a ravine and travelled through the dried-up river bed.

They paid a Jordanian friend of Musa's to smuggle them across in his van.

They edged along a narrow path around the side of a mountain in the dark.

They crawled along in the cover of a forest, just metres from border guards.


Question 4 of 5

Upon realising Musa had caused the family to flee Syria, Baba ---.

said that he disowned Musa, and left to return to Daraa

beat Musa until he was unconscious then started tearing up the caravan

told the imam that Musa was a terrorist and had him ejected from the camp

killed himself, leaving a note that said he felt he'd "failed Syria"


Question 5 of 5

What led to Omar and his family getting visas and asylum in London?

Nadia needed urgent heart surgery from a specialist London hospital.

Cousin Rasoul sent an official offer of employment for Omar in London.

Eman was granted a maths scholarship at a prestigious London university.

After Za'atari was attacked, all the refugees made human rights claims.


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Welcome to Nowhere
by Elizabeth Laird

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