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Zoe the Zebra Hurts Her Ankle

Question 1 of 3

What were the other zebras doing when Zoe told them to watch out for lions?

Eating their lunch

Hiding in the trees

Playing with the birds

Swimming in the lagoon


Question 2 of 3

According to the zebras, why didn't Zoe have to worry about the hyenas?

They were on a diet

They preferred eating chocolate

They were almost blind

They had gone away on holiday


Question 3 of 3

After nurse Nibbles bandaged Zoe's ankle, she---.

Bathed Zoe's stripes

Gave Zoe some juice

Fed Zoe some tasty leaves

Brushed Zoe's tail


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Book cover for Zoe the Zebra Hurts Her Ankle

Zoe the Zebra Hurts Her Ankle
by Kes Gray

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